Customs & Compliance

Logistics Plus Ukraine provides customs and compliance services so that you remain compliant with international trade rules.

Simplifying global trade.

Logistics Plus (LP) Ukraine will help you avoid discrepancies in customs information which can cause increased costs and delays. Our highly professional customs brokerage provides a unique blend of customer service, creative planning, and effective filing to get your freight cleared and on its way.

Establishing customs and compliance procedures is crucial for importers and exporters to stay in good standing with government agencies. Logistics Plus understands the ins and outs of global trade – allow us to assist you.


Customs and compliance services:

  • Import/export customs clearance
  • Importer of record (IOR) services
  • Exporter of record (EOR) services
  • HS code classification
  • Tariff schedules
  • Duties and taxes

Ready to get started?

No matter the origin or destination of your goods, Logistics Plus will help you perform the due diligence necessary to ensure your shipments meet international regulations. For questions, quotes, or more information, contact us today by clicking the button below.